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Thomas Honey wants to make your purchasing experience as stress free as we can.  As such, we have elected to process all credit payments through PayPal for security purposes.  This service provides such benefits as fraud protection, 24/7 monitoring, and dispute resolutions.  We view this as a win for everyone! However, if you are not comfortable with online purchasing, you my call our office to speak with a member of our staff regarding your order.  Our goal is to make your day sweeter in the most secure way possible. 


During the course of your transactions, you will be asked to provide such personal information as name, email address, contact phone number, and shipping address.  This information will help us to get product to you.  It will never be shared or sold.  Our company values your right to privacy. 

With this website we have elected to provide customer accounts for your convenience.  All information stored there is considered by us to be private.  Should you choose not to utilize this option, we have also provided a guest check out that request only the information necessary to process your purchase. 

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