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Image by Cristina Marin

My Honey "Sugared Up"

It's getting colder... that means your honey might granulate a little faster (trust us, it's science). Some of us like the texture, but you can slowly and gently warm your honey and it will return to the consistency you know and love.  


In light of rising costs, and an overall more expensive economy, it seems like we're all looking under couch cushions praying to find a winning lotto ticket!

You may have noticed in our online shop that our prices have changed and item costs are lower.  We took a good long look at how we could keep bringing you the honey you know and love at the very best price, and realized we could cut a little cost by reworking our shipping. 

The item prices listed in the shop no longer include the cost of shipping.  Those fees have been transitioned from flat rate - to by weight, and shipping will now be added at time of checkout.  While we know this won't be helping to buy anyones next mansion, we ARE hoping that this small adjustment puts a little jingle back in your pocket and a smile on your face! 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about shipping, or your products in general, give us a call and let us help!

We Didn't Know We Were Making Memories, We Just Knew We Were Having Fun.....

About Us...

Thomas Honey is a family-owned honey purveyor.  Our honey is harvested and packed with the utmost care and consideration every step of the way. We love the bees, we appreciate their harvest, and we are grateful for our customers. Steeped in old-fashioned values and transitioning to the next generation of ownership, we hold on to the business approaches that made our founder successful and look forward to a future of doing business in a way that makes him proud and makes our customers come back for more. 

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I grew up in south & central Florida, & @ one time lived on my orange grove property, so I've always appreciated & enjoyed Orange Blossom Honey knowing the source of this natural, healthy food. Thomas' Orange Blossom Honey's the real thing, I know!

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