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  • What is considered "raw honey"?"
    The term "raw honey" applies to honey that is not heated above 135 degrees. This allows the honey to retain its natural state and holistic intregrity.
  • Is Thomas Honey raw?
    Yes! Industry standards for raw honey include avoiding excessive heat and filtration. When we extract the honey from hives, it is spun out of the frames and pumped into 55 gallon drums. Then, when it is time to package the product, the honey is slowly warmed to approximately 90-100 degrees. Warming the honey allows us to strain out impurities such as wax bits or an occasional "fallen soldier". This process is very different from pasteurization and filtration practices that remove pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants. We pride ourselves in carefully handling our honey to give you the highest "raw" quality around.
  • How should I store my raw honey?
    Honey is shelf stable at 70-80 degrees and does not need to be refridgerated. You should store your honey in a dry place away from direct sunlight or heat, such as a cabinet or pantry. Honey containers can be glass or plastic but should have a tight fitting lid. (Its best to avoid metal containers because they can oxidize.)
  • Does honey go bad?
    Did you know that modern archiologists have found pots of thousand year old honey, untouched and ready to eat? Raw honey, when sealed and stored properly has an indefinite shelf life. Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it contains very little moisture in its natural state, but will absorb moisture from whats around it. Raw honey is also extremely acidic making it a very uncomfortable home for organisms looking for a place to rest. Because honey can absorb moisture from things left inside the jar and even from the air around it, it is best to store your honey in an area that is cool (70-80 degrees) and dry and in a glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid.
  • What should I do if my honey has crystalized?
    If you are a kid of the 90's who ate chips on your is your time!! It is my personal opinion that there is nothing better than a peanut butter and honey sandwich with crystalized honey for a little crunch! It can be used as normal in everything from snacks to baking to afternoon tea. However, if crunchy sandwiches aren't your thing you can warm your honey up by placing it in a pot or bowl of warm water and stir it or let it sit until the crystals disolve. Remember, if the temperature of the honey gets above 135 degrees, it is no longer considered "raw" so patience is best when warming granulated honey.
  • How do you get different varieties of honey?
    The difference in honey varieties (Gallberry, Wild Flower, Clover, Orange Blossom) is due to the difference in nectar source. Just like flowers each have a different smell, honey made from those flowers each have a different taste.
  • Why is some honey so much cheaper?
    While there could be different answers for this, the one we give the most is "Check your labels!" The domestic honey market is currently facing tremendous challenges with an influx of foreign product. Honey harvested and/or packaged outside the US is not subject to the standards we hold ourselves to. Both the content of the actual product and the practices used to harvest and package may or may not be reliable.
  • Do you produce your own honey?
    Yes. We also buy some of the honey we bottle. With changes in legal ownership of the business, Thomas Honey LLC (the retail entity) purchases honey from family members, allowing many facets of the family to remain involved with continued production. But that's not really what you're wanting to know! We purchase honey annually from 3-4 beekeepers who we have known for a very long time. Mr. Thomas himself has described these long-standing relationships like this: "Well the truth is, we have been fortunate enough to grow. A whole lot over the years. And there are a few bee keepers I've known for a lifetime or more who I am happy to support by purchasing their honey. I've worked bees alongside these guys for many years, I know how their bees are treated, and I know what kind of honey they produce. It is an honor to help some of my friends know they have a reliable buyer for the honey they worked so hard to harvest." The purchase of honey from the beekeeprs we know and love - and even consider part of the family - is an extension of the heart behind Thomas Honey where we work hard, love hard, and pour into each other as much as we can. So when you buy our honey, you support our family, friends, and our community.
  • What exactly are your "standards"?"
    Standards we adhere to, which contribute to sustained cost, include: * the sustainable care and keeping of our bees with treatment and timing considerations to keep them happy and healthy (that includes caring for our hives' nutritional and health-related needs, protecting them from pests and predators, and staying involved in research and data to make sure we are ever-evolving), * careful handling of bulk product to preserve its raw nature * personal, hand-bottling of product to avoid "flash heating" which can compromise the intregrity of the honey
  • Where do I buy your honey?
    As a small business, we feel its important to support other small businesses! We have an extensive network of companies who retail our honey and others who use our honey in their coffee, food recipes, or health and skincare products. We always love to refer to these associates, but you can also buy our product online or at our facility in Lake City. You can check our our "Find Our Honey" page to find locations where our honey is sold (including our personal location). If you are a business owner and are interested in our wholesale products to sell in your storefront, please get in touch! You can utilize the contact information listed at the bottom of each page, or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page. Someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible!
  • Tell me about Payments and Shipping...
    All website pricing includes the cost of shipping and we utilize PayPal for safe and secure online payments. *Wholesale clients are requested to pay with cash or check until our credit card processing is fully renovated.
  • What about Returns and Refunds...
    Please contact us with any product concerns. We pride ourselves in getting and keeping happy customers. When it comes to our honey, we don't compromise and we don't want you to either!
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