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Our Shipping Policy has recently changed.  The cost of shipping is no longer accounted for in the price of the product, and will be added at the time of check out based on weight.  All products are shipped in plastic containers unless otherwise noted in their description.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Please contact us with any product concerns.  We pride ourselves in getting and keeping happy customers.  When it comes to our honey, we don't compromise and we don't want you to either!


All credit transactions are made via PayPal services. 

Wholesale Clients:

Should your company be classified as net-30, please make arrangements to accommodate this prior to the receipt of your first order.  Also, please note:

  • A late fee of 2% of the total invoice amount will be applied monthly for all unpaid invoices

  • Wholesale clients are offered a courtesy notice the week prior to incurring a late fee

*We are not able to assume responsibility for missed calls, unsuccessful contact efforts, or barriers to our client’s receipt of courtesy calls to place orders, confirm delivery dates, or give notice of impending late fees


If you are a business owner and are interested in our wholesale products, please get in touch!  You can reach us through the contact information listed in the footer of each page or via the contact tab of this website.

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