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Meet The Family


Mason Maxwell

Lover of bees, entrepreneur, husband, father, provider. He even fights actual fires. Mason proudly owns and expertly runs the North Dakota branch of the business.


Kortney Stewart

In 2020, Kortney left a career in mental health to run the packing portion of the company. With a passion for people, she loves connecting the Beeks with the consumers to make everyone's life a little sweeter. 


Rocky Thomas

He does it all. Tending bees, managing the property, running equipment, and the resident tech support - Mike's oldest son is integral to the business. 

The Florida Crew...


Dixon, David, Ediwin, Alex, and

Dennis (not pictured)

The keepers of the bees. The harvesters of honey. These hard-working guys handle business and make sure all "the girls" are happy and healthy, no matter where they are in the US.  They don't run from hard work, although they might sneak in the break room to soak up some AC and trade jokes at Dennis's expense. And they are always good for a laugh when they keep each other on their toes with banter that transcends even language barriers. And believe us, the translation from Spanish to redneck is entertainment gold. We never knew how quickly our H2A employees would become family. 







This crew runs the bottling room and delivery routes. They know honey better than you can imagine, whether you're talking flavor and color, viscosity, or which wholesale account is on the caller ID (because that account always calls in Monday around 10 for their cases of FL Mix). Gus's initiative, Liz's consistency, and Donna bring laughs and heart to the shop, making the day-to-day hum feel like a second home.  Not Pictured are new family members Kyle and Joy, we couldn't make it without them!!


Kelly, Karoline, and Kamryn

The Kae's line of specialty products are often originated in Kelly's kitchen during weekend dinners around her always-full dining room table. When you purchase a product from this line, you can be sure it has been tried and tested with a grand baby on hip, a horse-loving preteen nearby, and more love than you can imagine.


Kaycee, Kasidee, and Morgan

A piece of our heart beats in North Dakota, and when these guys come for Florida summers (and sometimes Christmas!), the farm is a little bit brighter. Mason's wife and two kids bring a little extra spark when they're around, and they keep us laughing with their killer sense of humor.


Mrs. Kitsy (Grammy)

You've heard sayings about the woman behind the man who accomplishes big things? She is all of it: wonderful, nurturing, intuitive, and insightful. Get her on the phone and you'll stay for a while. What can we say? We are a family who loves connection, and that starts at the top. 

The family members we couldn't make it without... 


Kayla and Kimber

This mama is all about happy and healthy ...especially when it comes to her kiddos.  She is an advocate of farm to table, and a maker of deceptively nutritious treats featuring our honey.  Kimber doesn't help out on the farm just yet, but this sweet baby definitely has us all wrapped around her little fingers!  


Kathie and Marcie

Sisters-in-law just doesn't cut it when describing this bond. These two can be found manning the Folk Festival each year, and have an incredible wealth of knowledge about the business from years of supportive involvement. (Mike loved to talk about Kathie's knack for growing bees - it's a good story to hear!)



Kristi, the original Baby Bee, is Mike and Kitsy's youngest daughter. After raising her family across the country, she's back!These days she helps Grammy navigate her new stage of life and "glue" is a good word for her. What we love most? ...all the brainy/artistic things she brings to the table (you know, the one at Kelly's house). 


Jeff and Justin

Painters by trade, Jeff and his son Justin are always ready with an easy smile and laid back demeanor to help around the honey house or go on the route when needed. They inherited Mike's generosity and love of fishing, and they are effortlessly loved by everyone who meets them. 



You may have seen this gorgeous smartypants manning the booth at the fair.  She's got an RN license and spends her days saving lives now, but she still manages to  find time to moonlight on the farm with us!  We just couldn't love her more!


Emily and Elysse

Creative genius, generator of ideas, encourager and cheerleader, facilitator. Emily has recently become more involved in helping with needs that range from tech to craft.  Her daughter, Elysse prides herself on being the best taste tester there is, and loves to eat the food blog props!

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