Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Natural, Raw and From Our Own Back Yard

Valencian orange and orange blossoms aft
Orange Blossom

This honey comes from the lovely white blossoms of Florida orange trees.  It has a sweet, light, flavor with a hint of citrus and is a great for baking, tea, salad dressings, and more.

Melilot - sweet clover. Thickets high ye

This golden honey comes from the beautiful clover fields of North Dakota. It has a mild, light, slightly floral flavor and is considered highly palatable with just about everything.


This honey is foraged from wildflowers and foliage local to North Florida.  Its beautiful dark color and  rich taste,  makes wildflower honey a perfect addition to cooked dishes. 

Foliage and flowers of holly (Ilex aquif

This best seller comes from our native gallberry bush flowers.  It has a rich, distinct flavor and a long standing history of being a treat primarily available in the south!