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About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Thomas Honey has a long-standing reputation for quality product. We love our bees and their honey, and we place value on maintaining the highest standards throughout all seasons of business and marketing. From the hive to your jar, we maintain the care and keeping of our pollinators and their product to bring you the best honey available.

We label our honey as pure, raw honey to communicate that it is never filtered or exposed to high temperatures. We apply gentle warming and use minimal straining to remove impurities that naturally occur in the extraction process to facilitate handling and packaging. Our employees take pride in their knowledge and use of methods to preserve the natural benefits of honey and work diligently to maintain our product’s raw, natural state while we package it for your consumption.  

Our quality standards extend to our business identity as well.  Thomas Honey proudly maintains all applicable permitting and food handling certifications through the State of Florida and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We stay abreast of current expectations and laws, and are mindful of any changes in these codes.  Because of this, we confidently face all inspections or inquiries about our business practices.

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