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A Sticky Subject

Hey, can we talk about a sticky situation?

(pun fully intended)

It’s the other guy. We know you know.

Here’s the thing,

Competition is good for business. It’s what we believe, it’s what we vote for, and it’s how we got where we are (excellent 😉).

The beekeeping community is tight. We love and respect one another, root for one another, celebrate the honey flow together, and commiserate parasites and bad weather.

There’s enough business to go around. There are over 71,000 people in Columbia County alone.

Our goal is simple: to make sure every one of those residents has a refined pallet for really, REALLY good honey.

Not bad mouth the competition.

So when you see someone else on the shelves next to us, know that we know. We aren’t backing down from a little friendly competition, so clue us in about how to keep your business. But... we will not do that by dragging or begrudging the other guy.

We are beyond grateful for loyal customers and new challenges within our business. And we are eagerly meeting a new season with happy hearts. Tag along for the next chapter in this journey - it’s gonna stay good (and sweet).

Peace, Love, & REALLY GOOD Honey, y’all 🍯

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