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Get In On This Blend!!!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Thomas Honey is gearing up to launch a whole host of new, blended honey flavors. You may have seen them, may have even been lucky enough to taste and/or snag a preview bottle at the Spring Market or KC's. If you haven't had the pleasure, you are going to love me for this post....seriously!!!

Let me tell you a little about the honey and let you decide for yourself though. Of course we use our amazing Thomas Honey for the base, why mess with perfection right?! Next we whip, mix, and blend in spice combinations that would make your head spin. Now, if you've heard of or tried infused honey, those are amazing! And we really did give that method the old college try. But we didn't find that the flavors were quite matching up to our expectations. We wanted big, bold flavors that knocked your socks off, so we went back to the drawing board.

That's how our blended honey was born. Organic herbs and spices are hand mixed into our honey with a big heap of love. Sometimes we whip the honey into shape with our mixer to get it fluffy and soft. But we never use any heat methods, so we're able to keep the honey raw and full of natural goodness, just like you like it. We also never add anything that jeopardizes the honey's stability. We wanted to make sure that everything we introduced was shelf stable. We test and test again, until we get it perfect. (You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find people who like to taste test chicken wings *wink wink*.) We don't push it forward, name it, or introduce it unless we KNOW it's amazing. And I'm pretty sure we nailed it!!

So without further ado.... Introducing ....

Kae's Specialty Blend Honey's from Thomas Honey

This line incorporates some old favorites like Turmeric Honey, with some new, crazy delicious flavors like Chocolate Creamed Honey and Real Deal Jerk Honey. Here are the blends we'll be releasing for Summer 2021:

  1. Hot Tamale - cinnamon and spice

  2. La Vanilla - lavender, vanilla, and spice

  3. Real Deal Jerk - jerk spice blend

  4. Chocolate Creamed - cacao nibs

  5. Turmeric - turmeric and spice

Keep an eye out for the feature blogs I'll be doing on each of these jars of deliciousness, where I'll be doing my best Gordon Ramsay impression. I'll be highlighting how these honey's came to be, offering some ideas on how to use them, and providing some seriously tasty recipes to boot!

If you'd like to be added to our official pre-order list, you can visit our contact page and send your info, or call us at our office. We'll make sure you get first dibs as soon as those labels go on! Just between me and WANT to be on that list, these are going to go fast!!!

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