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Thank You Lake City!!!

We discussed refill stations for months. We worked for weeks with the city to make sure we had all of our i's dotted and our t's crossed. We stressed for days about every little thing. We stayed up late the night before making sure everything was perfect! We went to sleep Friday praying we had done enough, praying for good weather, and praying for a good turn out! And then it was here....Saturday morning....Spring Market day.

Having a refill station wasn't just about doing something new or trendy, we wanted to give our customers what they're asking for. You said, "If you build it, we will come" and man did you deliver!!! Our first ever refill station was a massive hit. We almost sold out of our Orange Blossom Honey, we got about half way through our Gallberry stock, and we discovered we should have brought a tank of Wildflower too! We even sold a good number of bottles of Bee Pollen (which if you didn't know has GREAT health benefits including: immunity booster, wound healing, and decreased inflammation).

And can we talk about the flavored honey?!?! We hope you took home your favorite jar, fired up the grill, the teapot, the coffee maker, or the warmed up a biscuit or two and indulged in the tastiest healthy treat this side of the bee hive! Did you get a sample? Did you buy a jar? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts! Tell us what you ate it on that rocked your world. Tell us your ideas on how we can improve those tasty treats. Or just tell us your ideas for a new honey flavor....our pencils are at the ready!!!

Did you pick up one of our Gift Buckets? Was it a Mother's Day gift? Did she love it??! We wanna know!

We can't thank you enough for your support! We appreciate your business and we want you to know how much we just love meeting you all face to face! Thank You for making this dream a reality, Thank You for making it a success, Thank You for being YOU!!!

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